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Scholarships are highly competitive and consideration is available only for students planning to enter in Fall terms. Scholarship consideration is not available for those students planning to enter in a Spring term.

The deadline to apply for scholarships is February 1, but applying early is critical in order to have maximum consideration.  It is important to submit your application for admission to the University, all supporting documents and official test scores (especially SAT or ACT) far in advance of the scholarship deadline. You must apply separately for scholarships by going to the Office of Scholarships website at

International students are eligible to apply for the following scholarships:

Scholarship applications are not held until February 1 to be reviewed all at the same time; rather, scholarships are awarded at periodic intervals to qualifying candidates upon review and approval by the Scholarship Committee.  Therefore, not all qualifying students who apply by February 1 may be awarded a scholarship if funding runs out.  If you are an outstanding student with high test scores and excellent grades, we encourage you to apply early for admission and scholarships.

Currently enrolled undergraduate students can apply for the Foundation for the International Exchange of Students (FIES) Scholarship . Criteria for selection include academic performance at the UofA, participation in campus and/or community service activities, and financial need.

Tuition Advantage Programs

The University of Arkansas is pleased to offer a tuition advantage for qualifying students from selected countries, U.S. regions, or institutions based upon UofA partnership agreements. The Tuition Advantage is a waiver of the out-of-state portion of tuition and may be renewed if the criteria are met. For estimated expenses of tuition advantage recipients, please read the Tuition Advantage Expense Cost Sheet. We are excited to offer this opportunity to experience the University of Arkansas and its many academic programs of excellence. Over a hundred degree programs in a wide variety of disciplines are offered. Please see the links below for details.

Request an application for admission to the University of Arkansas or apply online. Provide us with all supporting materials, such as your official college transcript and application fee, through our contact address. You will be notified of the Tuition Advantage award upon your admission. We encourage you to apply early!

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